Our Story

The Dreamer

Harris Hisham didn't know that he was a beach bum at heart only until he started Scuba Diving back in 2010. It didn't take long for him to decide to become an instructor and share the experience with his fellow friends. It was a nerve wrecking decision made by a city-bred to go live an un-ordinary life. He was taking advantage of the experiences to get connected to the nature and that has changed his views completely!
He realized that there is a lot more to do in educating Malaysians on the importance of the ocean ecosystem. He needed to fit into the culture and lifestyle of Malaysians in order to get the message out. That's when he decided to tell a story in the things that we wear everyday!



The Passionate One

Growing up near the coast and the sea, Aqhari Afiq has developed love and respect for the ocean and the creatures that inhibited the water. Spending time underwater and becoming a full time Scuba diving educator, made him see first hand the beauty, the fragility and the degradation of our blue ocean.
Determined to be the voice and advocate for the ocean and the natural environment, Aqhari is committed to change people's perception of the ocean and natural environment conservation through various medium. And now with the right people in the team and the Sea Bells project he has found a way to reach out to the people to spread awareness.


The Realist

Just by the looks of her picture you can already tell that Suzie Zaharuddin is not a Scuba Diving instructor nor a beach bum... But she might as well be! The bendy yogi overcame her fear of water after going for lessons with Harris and eventually got her Scuba Diving license. From there she learned that "What you fear most is what you actually need in your life."
Just like a typical Millennial, she didn't know how important the ocean is. She also didn't know that her clothes were made by kids and from blood. But now that she knows - she's here to share the importance of knowing where your clothes come from, who made it and how much of an impact it brings to the world.