We source our cotton from small marginal farmers of 3 rain fed regions of Maharashtra, Odessa and Andhra Pradesh in India


A movement that are organising and addressing the injustice in a decent trade for farmers and workers, by requiring companies or major corporations to pay sustainable prices so their farmers and workers will have better working conditions, local environment sustainability and more choices to improve the livelihood of their communities.


The current complex issues in the global cotton industry means that millions of small-scale farmers are struggling to make a decent living from growing cotton. From issues such as becoming too dependent on middle men, rising cost of production, fluctuating market prices, decreasing yields, climate change and even child labour.  


How does fair trade makes it better for the farmers and workers in cotton industries?
- Helps build stronger farmer owned organisations
- Encourage sustainable cotton production
- It requires living wages for the workers
- A large percentage of profits are invested in providing farmers with tools, education and healthcare facilities in local communities
- It improves the livelihood of thousand of cotton farmers