Sea Bells have decided to make an initiative to build our own coral nursery in Tioman Island of Malaysia.

For every purchase of our product, a piece of coral will be planted in our Kebun Karang!


Sea Bells have been working closely with an NGO named Rumah Hijau located in Tioman Island for our coral nursery project. Rumah Hijau has been guiding us from A-Z in conducting and managing our Kebun Karang 
Rumah Hijau Tioman is run by a team of passionate local islanders which their aim is to help end educate the locals on environmental awareness. It is a platform and a good opportunity for the locals to gain knowledge on how to protect and preserve the beauty of Tioman Island. They have their own recycling centre, organize beach clean-ups, eco programs for the locals and also coral pot making class. On top of that,  they currently owned a glass crusher machine, single screw extruder HDPE and a plastic PET machine all for the sake of making the island a better place!


There are a lot of efforts have been done out there in saving corals. ESPECIALLY coral nursery like what we are doing but majority of it are left abandoned after projects are done. A lot of coral projects used artificial stuffs and it would leave an impact underwater in long term. Therefore, we try to minimize artificial equipments. Even our pots are made from recycled crushed glass bottle. Check out the video above for more details!



Corals are super magical - unlike broken human bones, broken corals have the ability to grow back when treated in a suitable environment. Therefore, our team will collect broken corals caused by waves and tourists from scuba diving & snorkeling sites.The broken corals will then be tied and transferred to coral pots made by cement blocks with glass bottles attached to it. All broken corals will be tagged and recorded accordingly.


Once a month, our Sea Bells team will monitor and maintain the nursery by cleaning up the algae stuck on those corals. We will also monitor the growth and make sure the environment is suitable for coral growth.